We grow world’s
environmental data infrastructure
with passion and determination


We help the industry manage the complexity of environmental constraints in business operations on all levels by building structured environmental data sets quickly and modelling dependencies between environmental and financial target dimensions. For simply better environmental and economic decisions worldwide saving resources and costs at scale.


What we get up for
every single morning
Create the first decision intelligence platform to bridge sustainability and finance by building the global standard for the collection and aggregation of corporate environmental data.


Honesty is everything
Leverage ecological impact through smart economic decisions
Passion accelerates
Crisis hold the greatest potential
Closed-loop economy
Environmental data management can be fun
Scalable infrastructure

Our Team

Dana Aleff
CEO & Founder
Erik Müller
CTO & Founder
Chris Hahn
Head of Product
Jonas Geyer
Product Development & Customer Success


Stephan Köchling
Head Office DGQ,
VDI Committee,
Ex TÜV Consultant
Elena Gramatova
Director of
Product Development
Bosch Digital,
Ex Chief Product Owner Bosch loT Gateway Software
Dr.-Ing Mohammad Chehadé
Managing Director
Center for Circular Economy RWTH Aachen
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All rights reserved – 2023